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Buying your first home is a major financial milestone that involves a mix of emotions – it can be exciting yet a bit scary, too. And with so many things to consider, it’s often overwhelming. That’s why you need someone by your side to guide you through the property finance process. Express Mortgage Market helps you navigate the challenges of buying your first home. We understand that this will be your first property, so our priority is to make the experience a happy one for you.

How Can Express Mortgage Market Help You with Property Finance?

Express Mortgage Market has a team of professional mortgage brokers who are experts in finding the right home loan for first home buyers across Sydney, NSW and Austraila. We will do the required legwork for you, find the top home loan options that are available in your area, and provide you with the most suitable choices according to your preferences and needs:

Your personal Express Market Mortgage broker will assist you to:

Your broker will make sure that you understand everything you must know about getting your home loan to buy your first home. This involves the overall process, the associated costs, the benefits, the risks, and other significant factors that you should know.

This part will help you, especially if you just began searching for properties and you are not certain yet on how much you can borrow. A professional broker working on your behalf will help you secure pre-approval so you can avoid working with rough estimates.

Your personal mortgage broker will also help you find out if you are eligible to access First Home Owner Grants (FHOG), incentives, or stamp duty concessions offered by state governments.

Buying your first home entails some challenges, which can be easy to overcome if you have a professional mortgage broker who is guiding you pass through the process and finally settle in the home that you will surely love.

Upgrade Your Existing Home

When you choose to upgrade your home, you may need to sell your current home and buy a new property that is bigger or located in a better neighborhood.

The top reasons for upgrading your home include:

  • The kids are growing up, so you need a bigger space with more bedrooms
  • You are moving out of an apartment and finally transferring to an actual home
  • You need to relocate to a new place because of a work assignment

Regardless of the reasons, it is essential that you take a closer look at the financial side of upgrading before you sell your existing home. The longer you’ve owned the property the more chance that you’ve accumulated enough home equity to support a sale and upgrade. However, there are multiple approaches to loan structuring that can potentially finance your new home. This is where Express Mortgage Market can help you by finding available debt funding options with property finance home loans or refinancing packages.

Buy Investment Property

Investing in a property is a good way to expand a portfolio and grow your wealth. But like any other investment opportunities, you need to find a good property and work on your finances to make sure that you can enjoy decent returns. A sound investment strategy is a must before you make any decisions. A professional mortgage broker can help you do the legwork by guiding you towards properties that are more suitable for approval by investment property loan lenders.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Property for Investment

Remember, the qualities that you should look for in an investment property are often different from when you’re shopping for an owner occupied home. Because you are now buying properties to earn profits, you must look for properties that will allow you to maximise your capital growth or yield.

When you’re looking around for your own home, proximity of the property to your workplace or the kids’ school are probably key drivers of your choice. While these may also be factors to consider for an investment, you should focus on properties that are located close to transport, in areas with strong population growth, and good infrastructure which is always in high demand by tenants.

Ideally, you should invest in properties located in areas that are considered a good security risk for lenders. Some postcodes and types of properties are classified as ‘restricted security’ by the banks and lenders’ mortgage insurers. You may therefore struggle to obtain loan approval and funding, or you may be limited to a low loan to value ratio (LVR), so it’s important to check first with a mortgage broker.

It may be possible to maximise your rental returns if you look for properties that are easy to maintain. Consider properties that will not require you to hire regular house help such as gardener, sweeper, or pool cleaner.

As much as possible, look for homes with garage because they add more value to the property.

A pleasant scenery is not only a great thing to look at. It can also allow you to charge for higher rent as you can have a nice edge over other rentals in the area