Commercial Finance

Commercial Finance Sydney

If you are thinking about investing in commercial real estate or you need to refinance your commercial finance business debt, Express Mortgage Market can connect you with banks and lenders who can offer your competitive rates and special features for commercial use.

Types of Commercial Finance Loan Sydney

Finding the right commercial finance loan is a critical decision because it can affect the future of your business. That is why you need a professional commercial loan adviser who can help you understand the different types of commercial finance such as:

This type of commercial loan will allow you to purchase vehicle and equipment that is important for your business operations. This includes office tools, agricultural machineries, mining equipment, cranes, delivery vehicles and more.

Express Mortgage Market will help you find banks and lenders who can offer you effective funding solution for your business including stock and debtor finance, working capital solutions, partner buyouts, business acquisitions, and franchise funding.

This type of commercial finance is often recommended for business owners who want to purchase commercial real estate properties that will be used for business purposes such as rental apartments, hotels, office complexes, and retail centers. Taking out a commercial real estate loan will help you acquire, develop, and construct business properties.

While residential property loans are offered to individual borrowers, commercial real estate finance are offered to business organizations such as trusts, funds, partnerships, developers, or corporation who are allowed to acquire and develop business properties.

The commercial loan terms usually range from three to 20 years, while the amortization period can be longer than the loan term. For example, a lender may offer a commercial real estate finance for seven years with an amortization period of 30 years.

A debtor finance provides you a fast and flexible cash flow if your cash are tied up in your invoices. Rather than waiting for the payment terms that you have given your customers, lenders may purchase the acceptable invoices and offers the business up to 80% of their value within a matter of two to three days.

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